Covid-19 Safety Signage and bespoke signage solutions

Mission Statement

Due to the Pandemic of COVID-19, fear, anxiety, and direction have played a major part in everyday life on our Nation.

Our Mission is to give a clear message for all age groups, to help them cope with the re-adjustment of daily life in an educational settings.

We feel there is a need for a friendlier, more comforting approach with age related Covid-19 signage solutions.
We have chosen a bright and colourful method of signage, it includes a way-finding structure which reminds the pupils of their obligation to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic, and how they can play their part in reducing the spread of the infection. Up-to-date graphics "BE SOUND - DON’T SPREAD IT AROUND" slogan and symbols for teenagers, playful but powerful characters for Juniors, all help to develop a more comfortable environment.
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