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EduSafe Learn & Train is designed to meet your business objectives of upskilling current employees, training on new products, or updating compliance standards. EduSafe software is used by Health & Safety departments, HR & Sales teams and training coordination teams to ensure employees get what they need anytime, anywhere.

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Key Features of Our Learn & Train Solution

Course Authoring

Convert your current training PPTs or docs to online lessons seamlessly.

In-depth Reporting

Track real-time progress and export the report whenever you need.

Certificate Management

Grant and save all of your team’s certificates in one place.

Digital Sign-off

Get confirmations with digital sign-off for compliance records.

Our Learn & Train Workflows

Micro-Learning Training Module Creation

  • Break down training courses into bite-sized lessons and host them on our cloud-based LMS.
  • Adapt course assessments, scoring systems, pass rates, and more to your training requirements.

Progress Tracking & Automatic Reminders

  • Get a clear view on learners' knowledge gaps with analytics, so you can deliver and optimise training in real-time.
  • Automatically send the reminders to make sure the learners are on progress and accomplish the training on time.

Certification Management

  • Keep track of which certificates are valid, expired, or expiring soon, so you know who needs to renew or update their qualifications.
  • Get the digital sign-off to ensure the learners complete and fully understand training courses.

Our Add-on Features

Tailor your Learn & Train software with these add-on modules.

Skill Gap Analysis

Analyse the skill gap and develop the training roadmap to meet the business objectives.

Bespoke Courses

Build your training courses with our full course creation service, including video content and quizzes tailored to your needs.

eLearning Templates

Utilise from our professional training template for you to easily create training courses at a breeze.

Extended Communication Tools

Tools for hosting webinars, discussion forums, etc. for your blended-training courses.

Training Library

Accessing to our available training library with various topics.

Integration Capabilities

Combine other third-party software (eg. HR, CRM) to create a unified data solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn & Train software is beneficial for various entities including HR departments, training coordinators, and sales teams. It empowers businesses to ensure that your employees receive the training they need, anytime and anywhere.
+ Reduce Training Costs: By delivering online training, you can eliminate the need for travel and venue rentals.
+ Improve Employee Engagement: Bite-sized training modules and reminders can boost learner engagement.
+ Increase Knowledge Retention: The platform facilitates real-time progress tracking, allowing for optimised training delivery.
+ Ensure Compliance: Automated reminders and certification management can streamline compliance efforts.
Learn & Train Software offers a comprehensive feature set, including course authoring, reporting, certificate management, and DocuSign integration. Additionally, the software provides a library of eLearning templates and the ability to create custom courses.
These modules typically cover specific topics in short, manageable segments, making it easier for learners to absorb and retain information.
Yes, EduSafe Learn & Train is fully accessible on mobile devices, allowing users to complete training modules, track progress, and access course materials anytime, anywhere. The platform is optimised for both Android and iOS devices, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

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