Effortless Induction for New Employees

Ensure seamless access to online induction and training for new hires. Used by Health & Safety departments, HR onboarding teams, and training coordinators, EduSafe provides customisable, user-friendly solutions on any device.

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Key Features of Our Employee Onboarding Solution

User Management

Quickly upload and enroll hundreds of learners with just a few clicks.

Course Authoring Tools

Easily convert your training content into digital formats.

Branded Inductions

Personalise inductions to maintain brand consistency and boost employee confidence.

Custom Dashboards

Tailored dashboards for managers and administrators to track performance efficiently.

Our Employee Onboarding Workflows

Understand Company Culture

  • New employees receive an email invitation to start their onboarding programme on EduSafe platform.
  • They will complete micro-learning lessons about company values, team structure, mission, and policies.

Enhance Job Skills

  • Access scenario-based lessons tailored to their specific roles/teams/departments.
  • Complete gamified quizzes and problem-based assessments to build necessary job skills.
  • Track progress through personalised reporting dashboards.

Ensure Compliance with Health & Safety Training and Digital Sign-off

  • Enroll in mandatory Health & Safety Training Courses including Cyber Security, GDPR, Diversity, Fire Safety Training, Manual Handling, and Ergonomic Assessment.
  • Use digital sign-off for required compliance documents.

Our Add-on Features

Tailor your induction software with these add-on modules.

Job Roles

Ability to automatically assign material to users based on their job role.

Automated Reminders

Reminding users and administrators when tasks are due or renewals are coming up.

Integration Capabilities

Combine other third-party software (eg. HR, CRM) to create a unified data solution.

Extended Communication Tools

Host webinars, discussion forums, etc. for your blended training courses.

Training Library

Accessing to our available training library with various topics.

eLearning Development

Our eLearning experts will support to digitalise your current training to the online version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Employee onboarding software is a digital tool designed to streamline the process of integrating new hires into an organisation. It automates tasks such as document management, training, and compliance to enhance the new employee experience and improve operational efficiency.
EduSafe improves the onboarding process by providing a user-friendly platform for online induction, customisable training modules, automated compliance tracking, and seamless integration with existing HR systems. This ensures new hires are well-prepared and informed from day one.
Yes, EduSafe is designed to support remote onboarding, allowing new hires to access training and induction materials from any location and on any device. This ensures a consistent onboarding experience regardless of where employees are based.
EduSafe is scalable and suitable for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. It offers flexible solutions that can grow with your company and adapt to increasing complexity and user numbers.
Our team offers comprehensive setup, training, and ongoing support to ensure smooth implementation and optimal use of the platform.

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