Simplify site training for Contractors

Allow contractors to complete inductions online before arriving on site, improving efficiency, compliance, and health & safety. EduSafe streamlines site processes with easy-to-use software designed for Health & Safety officers, project managers, site supervisors, and workers.

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Key Features of Our Contractor Onboarding Solution

User Management

Quickly upload and enrol up to hundreds of contractors with just few clicks.

Interactive Compliance Training

Ensure contractors engage and understand the site rules and safety policy.

Real-time Tracking

Tailored dashboards for tracking contractor training progress in real time.

Digital Sign-off

Get confirmations with digital sign-off for compliance records.

Our Onboarding Workflows

Understand Company and Site Rules

  • Contractors receive an email invitation to start their onboarding process on the EduSafe platform.
  • They complete interactive sessions covering company policies, safety standards, and project-specific guidelines.

Ensure Policy Acknowledge & Safety Training

  • Contractors undergo mandatory health and safety training tailored to your industry and site-specific hazards.
  • Training covers critical topics such as emergency procedures, use of PPE and incident reporting protocols.

Online Document Sign-off

  • Contractors review and confirm safety checklists before arriving on site, including work permit, critical safety measures, site rules and emergency contacts, etc.
  • Collect digital signatures for compliance documentation.

Our Add-on Features

Tailor your contractor induction software with these add-on modules.

On-Site Tracking

Track the contractors arrival and exit time on site.

Automated Notifications

Set up automated notifications for tasks, renewals, and policy updates.

Document Uploading

Contractors easily upload certificates and documents, etc. to the system.

Real-Time Communication Tools

Integrated messaging and document-sharing functionalities between contractors and project managers.


Support for growing numbers of contractors, projects, and stakeholders.

Training Library

Accessing our comprehensive training library with various topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contractor onboarding software is a digital tool that streamlines the process of inducting contractors. It automates tasks such as document management, compliance tracking, and training to enhance efficiency and ensure a smooth onboarding experience for contractors.
EduSafe allows contractors to complete on-site inductions before arriving on site, streamlining site processes, improving time management, and ensuring compliance. The software offers interactive training, policy acknowledgment, and e-signature collection for compliance documentation.
Contractors complete interactive sessions on company policies and safety standards. They also review and electronically sign off on safety checklists, work permits, and compliance documents before arriving on site.
The integration of eSign allows contractors to provide electronic signatures for compliance documentation, ensuring a complete and auditable record.
Real-time tracking monitors contractors’ completion of mandatory health and safety training and adherence to site-specific safety protocols. This ensures that all contractors are compliant with required standards before and during their time on-site, reducing the risk of accidents and non-compliance.

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